Wintersteiger Repair Pistol Sticks

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Polyethylene (P-Tex) sticks for use with high temperature repair guns like the Skimender RP105. Allows for longer lasting, more abrasion resistant repairs than those done with just drip candles. Comes in packages of 3 in either black or clear.


  • 100% Pure Hi-Density Polyethylene (P-Tex)
  • For use with Skimender Repair Pistol or similar repair guns (can not be used as drip candles)
  • Durable abrasion-resistant ski base repairs
  • Colors: Black or Clear
  • Dimensions: 11mm diam. x 18.5cm length (7/16" x 7 3/8")
  • Package of 3 sticks

Sorry, we do not provide the kit, only the packaged pistol with stand and sample repair sticks.

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