BEAST Essential Race Wax Package

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Description & Features

The BEAST Essential Race Wax Package contains three different thermoreactive waxes that take the guesswork out of choosing the correct wax on race day. 1 Everyday Glide Wax for training and base prep, 1C Super Cold Glide Wax for when temperatures drop below 10°F, and 2+ Race Performance Hi-Fluoro Wax with anti-static ingredients and fluorocarbon for warmer and wetter conditions.

See our How to Wax Skis and Ski Wax FAQ articles for ski wax tips and explanations.

Ski Wax Package Includes:

BEAST 1 Everyday Glide Wax - 400g $70.00
BEAST 1-C Super Cold Glide Wax - 100g $44.00
BEAST 2+ Race Wax - Hi Fluoro - 100g $120.00
Total Value: $234.00
Package Price: $189.00