About Race Place

Race Place began in 1995 as a family business with a goal of assisting ski racers in developing their potential. With three racers in our family it was natural to become deeply involved in the sport and have spent many hours on the hills, in tuning rooms, talking to you (our customers) and in our "back shop."

Throughout our experience, we saw a great need in the ski and snowboard racing community for quality, accurate, easy to use tuning tools and reliable tuning information. BEAST Tuning was developed to meet this need.

Race Place and BEAST Tuning Tools have become leaders in supplying ski and snowboard racers with:

  1. A complete assortment of high quality racing supplies, tools, and services to get you to the next level in your performance.
  2. References, articles, and video for easy to follow, proper tuning procedures to make your tuning life simple and easy.
  3. A 'Technical Support' staff available toll free (1-800-814-7223) and by email (click here) to discuss any of your questions about tuning.

Phone, e-mail, or stop by our Race Place shop in Bend, Oregon near Mt. Bachelor for a world of racing supplies, ski/snowboard tuning and information. Our hours are Monday-Saturday 9:30am to 5:30pm Pacific Standard Time (Closed Sundays).

Hi from Race Place - 22nd Year

Race Place got its start in the fall of 1995 with the original concept of offering a few race products in the Pacific Northwest. You have helped us grow to a 72 page catalog and a customer base all over the world. The development of our BEAST tuning tools also began in 1995 and are being used by racers in 17 countries.

Along the way our kids, Eric and Kelsey, had success racing and we were able to follow them to races from coast to coast. The camaraderie that exists between families in the ski racing world is something we cherish.

Kelsey lives in Bend and is joining the Mt. Bachelor Ski Patrol. Following in her Dad's footsteps of 23 years of Ski Patrol! Her racing skills are definitely an asset for the demands of patrol work. Eric (Homey) is at Race Place in charge of Technical Services and Race Place orders and inventory management. He has a ton of ski racing experience after 19 years of racing,  5 years with the US Ski Team as an Equipment Manager and Coach and two years as Coach of the Jamaican Ski Cross Team culminating with the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

Enjoy another great ski season,

The Holmer Family

"The Crew"

Scott Holmer


Owner. Ski tool developer. In the ski business since 1968, Scott first started Race Place in 1995 as a family business with a goal of assisting ski racers in developing their potential. It has since evolved into a global company, while maintaining its “home-grown” appeal.

Eric Holmer

Eric (Homey)

Long time ski racer and former US Ski Team Coach and Equipment Manager. Eric is now heading up our Technical Services Department. If you want fast skis "Homey" is the one to talk to.

Paula Dutton


Sales floor and Shipping Department Ninja. If you visit our store in Bend, Oregon, you can thank Paula for the majority of merchandising that you experience. Every year it gets better and better. She requests Dave Matthews concert tickets as an appropriate “Thank you”.



Our warehouse wizard is a former FIS/collegiate level racer and bike enthusiast. Having finally experienced Burning Man first-hand, he can talk both Art and Science.



If attention to detail is what you are after, Carrie should be your first choice. From merchandising to sales to shipping, Carrie has you covered.


Part-time DJ (Jeffe) and full-time Beast tool production associate, Jeff grinds, polishes and assembles many of the Beast tools that are produced here at Race Place global HQ.

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