Base Repair & Misc

Quick Ski Base Repair Tips

Repair of gouges in your ski base is a fairly easy task for the mechanically inclined if you follow the steps below:

  1. Analyze Damage: Minor lengthwise gouges under foot will not affect performance. Gouges across the base or any gouge in the extremities require repair.
  2. Preparing Repair Area: Clean with base cleaner and trim ragged edges with a sharp blade.
  3. Minor Repairs: Sprinkle Toko Repair Powder in gouge, cover with Mylar and melt with iron to bond repair material into gouge. Some choose to light p-tex candle and flow melted material into gouge, but the repair doesn't wear as well. The preferred method for deeper repairs is to melt p-tex wire with a chisel tip soldering iron available at hardware or hobby stores.
  4. Core Shots! Repairs along the edge or where the ski core is exposed require Metal Grip. Metal Grip is a combination of polyethylene and epoxy. The epoxy bonds to the edge or core material for a lasting repair. Use a soldering iron with a chisel tip to melt Metal Grip. Finish filling repair by melting p-tex wire over Metal Grip.
  5. Finish: Smooth by sanding with 100-180 grit BEAST paper.