Wend MF Natural Race Wax

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This wax breaks the mold when it comes to traditional racing waxes. Impressive new formulation incorporates natural ingredients that out perform and outlast the rest. WEND NON-FLUORO gives your race skis the ultimate advantage on the flats and allows the engineering behind your skis to shine through.

MF Waxes contain a high percentage of Meadowfoam which works similar to fluoro, yet is bio friendly, resists dirt, and conditions your base significantly better!

Meadowfoam is an all-natural plant based wax ingredient that is a safer, biodegradable alternative to fluorocarbon. Specifically designed to increase durability and base penetration, resistance to dirt and better glide. Supporting sustainability without compromising performance.

Temperature Ranges:

  • Warm - Wet & artificial snow (above 28°F/-2°C)
  • Mid - New, mixed & artificial snow (14° to 28°F/-10° to -2°C)
  • Cold - Colder, dryer snow (-5° to 14°F/-21° to -10°C)
  • X Cold - Very cold & dry snow (below -5°F/-21°C)


  • Iron-in hot wax
  • Race wax for moderate moisture conditions
  • Natural blend
  • Biodegradable

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