Toko NF Hydrocarbon Wax

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TOKO's new NF Hydrocarbon wax line has been re-engineered to provide the best performance on snow and a high degree of environmental compatibility and safety for you, the user. These fluorine free waxes are perfect for training and base care.


  • Ecological HydroCarbon Wax
  • Fluorine Free
  • Biodegradable
  • Resealable case
  • Colors:
    • Yellow - soft, warmer snow practice wax
    • Red - medium-hard, mid-temp practice wax
    • Blue - hard, cold snow practice wax
    • Black - contains a unique DLC additive for dirty or aggressive, artificial snow
  • 120 gram case
Toko Wax Chart

DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Additive

Increases the hardness of the ski base and makes it more resistant to dirt and friction. Offers decisive advantages on the snow:

  • Improved dirt-repellency
  • Extremely abrasion resistant and a high degree of hold

Toko waxes with DLC offer these excellent advantages and are very easy to apply, making them a welcome addition to your waxing kit.

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