Swix Racer Sidewall Planar

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The Swix Racer Side Wall Planar (Cutter) #TA103 is a high quality side wall planar that is easy to work with. For serious racers, tuning skis is a critical part of the sport that goes far beyond just waxing. We need the ability to set precision edge angles that factory settings just do not do not allow for. The Swix Sidewall Cutter is designed for racers to plane their sidewalls for the winning edge whether they need to set more aggressive side edge angles or have tuned a set of skis enough times that sidewall material interferes with proper angle selection. This high quality cutter comes with a round blade and a square blade for your planing preference.


  • Ski sidewall cutting tool
  • Comes with two Carbide blades
    • (1) Round Carbide sidewall cutting blade
    • (1) Square Carbide sidewall cutting blade

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