Side of BEAST Sidewall Planar
Side of BEAST Sidewall Planar
Side of BEAST Sidewall Planar
Side of BEAST Sidewall Planar
Side of BEAST Sidewall Planar

Side of BEAST Sidewall Planar

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Side of BEAST Diagram
Side of BEAST Demo with File

BEAST (Best Edge Accuracy Ski Tools) offers several tools to assist in ski tuning. The Side of BEAST is an accurate side edge tool that accepts any file or polishing stone to create a clean, sharp edge at your precise chosen angle. The Side of BEAST is offered with a 1°, 2°, 3°, 4°, 5° or a 7° angle plate.

What Bevel Angle do you need?

The Side of BEAST edge angle is set with removable angle plates. Common recreational side edge angles are 1° - 3° with 4° - 5° available for more advanced skiers and ski racers. A 7° plate is also available for removing the side edge material for better access to the metal edge.

Checkout our Edge Tuning Guide for more bevel recommendations.

Set-Up (see photo above)

Place your ski on edge with the base facing away from you in a ski tuning vise. (We recommend the Jaws of the BEAST ski tuning vise for exceptional grip and adjustability.) Pull the Side of BEAST along the ski edge in long smooth strokes. Pro Tip: Pulling side edge tools offers more control and feel than pushing.

Clamping System & Plate Replacement (see diagram)

Insert a file or stone into the Side of BEAST by loosening the large clamp pressure adjustment knob. Any file or stone can be used in the Side of BEAST, but we recommend 8" files and 4" stones for the most efficient cutting action. Insert the file diagonally through the slot while making sure the direction cuts when you pull. Pro Tip: When the end of the file gets dull, you can break off the end to create fresh cutting surfaces.

Angle plates are held in place by the two smaller knobs on the top of the Side of BEAST. Back these bolts out to replace the angle plate with your desired angle and retighten.


Any filing procedure leaves minor striations in the edge material and is best followed with polishing. Using diamond stones with the Side of BEAST allows you to polish your edges precisely at your desired bevel angle to create a smooth and super-fast edge. Pro Tip: Frequently moistening the stone with a lubricant such as BEAST Juice will keep the stone clean.

Sidewall Planing

The plastic or aluminum material reinforcing the edge can prevent the file from getting a good bite on the metal edge. We recommend trimming this sidewall material back with a Plane BEAST or Side of BEAST with the 7° plate and planar file to fully expose the steel edge and prevent clogging of files and stones, allowing quicker and easier edge sharpening.

Recreational Skier Bevel Recommendations

Average Recreational Skier Hard Snow Soft Snow
Base Edge Bevel
Side Edge Bevel 1° - 3° 1° - 2°
Advanced Recreational Skier
Base Edge Bevel .5° - 1°
Side Edge Bevel 2° - 3° 1° - 2°

Ski Racer Bevel Recommendations

Junior Racer Slalom GS SG & DH
Base Edge Bevel .5° - 1°
Side Edge Bevel 2° - 3° 2° - 3° 2° - 3°
World Class/Elite Racer
Base Edge Bevel .5° 5° - .75° .75° - 1°
Side Edge Bevel 3° - 4°

The angle ranges listed are variable depending on snow hardness, speed and your strength and skill level. A high level, technical skier tends to encounter hard and icy snow conditions. An increased bevel angle enables the base edge to be in immediate contact with the snow surface and side edges to penetrate deeper for better grip. A less experienced athlete may find that these extreme bevels tend to cause the ski to hook too quickly and edges to bite into the snow too much. This can cause erratic ski performance and possible knee injury.

Description & Features

Prepare your ski sidewalls for precise tuning with the Side of BEAST Sidewall Planar. Most skis have plastic or aluminum sidewall material reinforcing the edge. This sidewall can get in the way and clog a ski tuning file or stone, preventing you from setting the desired side edge bevel.

The Side of BEAST Sidewall Planar is a professional quality ski tuning tool designed to easily and smoothly remove just enough of the sidewall using a "pansar" file. It trims material at a 7° angle just above edge material, exposing the metal edge so you can make a clean, precise cut with a ski tuning file or stone.

The Side of BEAST Sidewall Planar is built with a durable anodized aluminum frame for precision and a stainless steel faceplate for a smooth glide over the ski base. Various interchangeable bevel angle plates are also available for precision side edge tuning with the same tool.


    The angle plate is positioned above the file because the file is pushed into the angle plate as you press down on the edge. A file held on top of an angle bar is less accurate because it allows distortion of the angle as the file is pushed away from the angle bar.
    Files or stones are securely held with a clamp actuated by the single large knob. (Spring clamps are awkward and tend to slip.)
    Use virtually any size file or stone at your choice of angle from 1° - 7°. (Note: This item does not come with a file and additional angles are facilitated by additional interchangeable angle plates.)
    The ejection slot clears filings away from the base. Stainless steel glide plate ensures the base structure will not be damaged.
    The anodized aluminum main frame and stainless steel glide plate.
    Ergonomic design positions hand away from sharp ski edge. The secure clamp prevents slippage of files or stones.
Made in USA