Booster Strap

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Dynamic Elastic Straps

Dynamic elastic ski boot straps stretch, allowing you to cinch them super tight for an increase in skiing performance. Replace your stock power strap with a Booster Strap for an insanely close fit and ultra responsive boot connection. The elasticity also acts as a cushion for your shins alleviating bang when you're getting ultra sendy, too.

Used by 80% of Olympic Skiers

Booster Straps, will make any skier better, allowing you to start turns quicker and have a more responsive skiing experience. Cinching 'em down provides a stiffer flex, yielding exceptional power transmission and precision handling.


Four models, depending on your weight, ability and boot size:

  • Kids w/2 elastic layers (up to 150 lbs. and boots under size 5)
  • Standard/Intermediate w/2 elastic layers (150 lbs.+)
  • Expert/Racer Booster w/3 elastic layers (150 lbs.+)
  • World Cup Booster w/3 elastic layers (180 lbs.+)
Booster Strap Size Guide

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