2025 Volkl Racetiger JR GS Skis
2025 Volkl Racetiger JR GS Skis

2025 Volkl Racetiger JR GS Skis

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FIS Race Ski Sizing Guidelines

FIS regulations change frequently, so it is best to consult with your coach or local ski expert before making a final purchase. Please see the current FIS Specifications for Competition Equipment and USSA/FIS Equipment Rules for specific age and circuit rules.

NON-FIS Race Ski Sizing Guidelines

There are varying opinions on how to best size skis, but the most accurate method to size race skis is based on the athlete's weight. The chart below recommends what size should work best for young athletes using one pair of skis for both events and athletes using Slalom (SL) and Giant Slalom (GS) specific skis. If an older athlete is using one pair for both events, it is best to choose an SL ski that is one size longer than the ideal SL length. A long SL ski will still work for SL and be very serviceable for GS. These are loose guidelines, and you should consult your local coach or ski expert for more specific recommendations.

Racer Weight
Racer Weight
Multi-Event (MTE)
Ski Length (cm)
Slalom (SL)
Ski Length (cm)
Giant Slalom (GS)
Ski Length (cm)
40-50 18-23 100-110
50-60 23-27 110-120
60-70 27-32 120-130 120-130 130-140
70-80 32-36 130-140 125-130 135-145
80-90 36-41 130-140 140-150
90-100 41-45 135-145 145-155
100-110 45-50 140-150 150-165
110-120 50-54 145-155 160-175
120-130 54-59 150-160 170-180
130-140 59-63 150-160 175-185
140-150 63-68 155-165 180+
150+ 68+ 155-165 180+

Sizing Considerations:

  1. Consult FIS, USSA, and other level appropriate regulations.
    Click here for 2024 USSA/FIS Equipment Rules
  2. Racer's ability level and preference - more advanced skiers can generally handle longer length skis which can be more stable at higher speeds.
  3. Growth of the athlete - you may want to consider sizing up a little if you want to get multiple years out of a younger racer's skis, although most coaches agree that skiing on a slightly shorter ski the second year is preferable to skiing on a ski that is too long.
  4. Coach's recommendations.
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*Junior Race Plate Compatibility Notice

The New Marker Junior Racing Plate is not compatible with X-Cell 16 and X-Cell 12 Bindings. All Marker XComp (2020-2021 and newer), COMP (2024), Race 10 TCX, Race Junior 8, and 4.5 Junior Bindings work with this new plate.

Description & Features

The Racetiger GS R JR has been tested and developed with Volkl's ski legends and their children. The result is geometry with a slightly wider shovel, which provides more turning support and helps young racers place their turns above the gates. All lengths are equipped with a tip rocker, full sidewall, multi-layer wood core and two layers of full Titanal. As the thickness of the Titanal and wood ratio changes from length to length, the skis ‘grow’ with and are optimally tailored to the athlete. They come complete with a pre-mounted Marker JR Race Interface plate, which has been matched to the ski and offers excellent power transmission, edge grip and bending characteristics.

This race ski also features a new Race plate interface with a joint in the center, creating a much more harmonic bending curve. The new drill pattern allows a more direct power transfer, and the Comp binding is attached with only three (3) instead of four (4) screws. This way, the ski is more forgiving and smoother to ride.


  • Junior GS Race Skis
  • 2-Layer Full Titanal
  • Multi-Layer Wood Core
  • Full ABS Sidewall
  • Marker Junior Race Plate
  • Tip Rocker
  • Recommended Binding (sold separately): Marker Race Binding

Volkl Racetiger Junior Race Stock GS Ski Chart

LENGTH (cm) TYPE Sidecut
(Tip / Waist / Tail)
RADIUS (m) Side Edge Angle Base Edge Angle
170 GS (Junior) 106 / 64 / 87 =19 87.6° 1.4°
165 GS (Junior) 106 / 64 / 87 =18 87.6° 1.4°
158 GS (Junior) 104 / 65 / 86.5 =17 87.6° 1.4°
151 GS (Junior) 102 / 65 / 84 =17 87.6° 1.4°
144 GS (Junior) 102 / 65 / 84 =15 87.6° 1.4°
137 GS (Junior) 102 / 65 / 84 =14 87.6° 1.4°
130 GS (Junior) 102 / 65 / 84 =12 87.6° 1.4°

Technical Info


Constructed of extra thin and strong aluminum alloy providing perfect dampening characteristics. The titanium setup makes the ski agile and dynamic, especially friends of a hard, fast, and aggressive riding style benefit from the quick response of this construction.


A combination of lighter, softer poplar wood and heavier, stronger beech wood provides an ideal blend of lightweight, strength, durability and damping: The beech typically concentrates where the most power is needed in the ski, such as under the binding or alongside the edges and sidewalls.


An early-rise tip design for racing. The combination of an early rise tip and a classic camber profile in the rest of the ski provides easy, smooth turn entry regardless of conditions. The ski is forgiving and easy to handle.


World Cup skis come with special edge angles for better grip in fast and tight turns.

Zebra Base Structure

The Zebra pattern is a more aggressive base structure to offer the best possible precision & steering characteristics for the front of the skis.

Volkl Zebra Structure