Toko Wax Iron

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TOKO's ergonomic wax irons enables waxing in all directions and the extra-strong aluminum pressure cast plate is ideal for heat storage and has a curved rhomboid structure that improves the distribution of the wax and compression.


  • Toko T-8: 800 watts of power with thermostat controlling heat from 212°-320° F. Thick heat plate with structure grooves for improved wax distribution. 110V Plug
  • Toko T-14 Digital: Additional power at 1200 watts and precise digital micro-processor for infinite temperature adjustment from 100°C to 160°C. Structure grooves spread wax evenly. 110V Plug
  • Toko T-14 Digital - EURO PLUG: This T-14 is designed for European 220V plugs.

Wax Iron Features

Many irons look alike and all give out heat, but there are many differences. Ski wax irons generally have a thicker heat plate, more heating elements and a precise thermostat.

Cheap household irons don't retain heat well and quickly cool when in contact with a room temp ski base. They eventually heat up again, but will continue to have heat pulled out of them until the ski base sufficiently warms. A danger is that people turn up the heat and burn the base plus the thermostat has relatively wide fluctuations.

A few extra dollars for a ski wax iron is a small price when waxing $1,000 skis.

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