BEAST Rectangular Brush

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BEAST offers three standard ski waxing brushes to satisfy the needs of most serious waxing technicians. Large 3"x5" for a good grip.

Made in the USA

Three brush types:

  • BEAST Brass: Clean base structure before waxing and remove any possible oxidation to allow wax to penetrate.
  • BEAST Nylon: All-time standard for structuring most wax.
  • BEAST Horsehair: Final polishing of wax including fluorocarbons.

What does brushing accomplish?

    1. Stainless steel assists in "breaking in" the structure pattern by mellowing out the sharpness of a grind and etching a micro-structure in the base.
    2. Bronze or soft stainless brushing removes oxidized or sealed base material and opens the pores so the base will accept and retain more wax.
    3. Soft bronze, nylon or horsehair removes excess wax from the structure pattern to maximize gliding.

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