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The BEAST DMT Stone is a popular ski tuning diamond and is usually found in every ski techs tuning box for burr removal and polishing edges. 70mm or 4" sizes.

Made in USA


  • Two Lengths:
    • 70 mm (2.75")
    • 4 inch (102 mm)
  • Available in 5 grits:
    • Green X-Fine - 1200 grit
    • Red Fine - 600 grit
    • Blue Medium - 325 grit
    • Black Coarse - 220 grit
    • Silver X-Coarse - 120 grit

Ski Edge Polishing Tips

  1. Polishing procedures are best done using diamond stones in bevel and edging tools such as Base BEAST and Side of BEAST. Always polish both the base side and side of edges.
  2. Initial polishing with a coarse stone is necessary to remove striations in the edge as a result of filing. Use a progression of finer stones in subsequent passes.
  3. Keep stones clean. BEAST Juice sprayed on stones reduces clogging of the stone and increases cutting and polishing performance of the stone.

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