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Side of BEAST
Side of BEAST
Side of BEAST

Side of BEAST

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Side of BEAST is a professional quality ski tuning tool that bevels and sharpens ski side edges. This edge bevel tool is built with a durable anodized aluminum frame for precision, and a stainless steel face plate for a smooth glide over the ski base. It comes with your choice of bevel angle plate which can be interchanged with additional optional angle plates.

Made in USA

Customer Accolades:

"You folks have it down. My new Side of BEAST is the best side edge tool I have ever used bar none. Way to go!"

D.M. North Bend, WA

"My Side of BEAST is a huge upgrade from the angle bar and spring clamp I used for years. I can't believe anyone is still using that antiquated method."

S.R. Boulder, CO

Precision Angle Plates

The angle plate is positioned above file because file is pushed into angle plate as you press down on edge. A file held on top of an angle bar is less accurate because it allows distortion of the angle as file is pushed away from the angle bar.

"Best clamp in the business"

Files or stones are securely held with clamp actuated by single large knob. (Spring clamps are awkward and tend to slip.)


Use virtually any size file or stone at your choice of angle from 1° - 4°. (Note: This item does not come with a file and additional angles are facilitated by additional interchangeable angle plates.)

Ejection Slot

Ejection slot clears filings away from base. Stainless steel glide plate insures base structure will not be damaged.


Anodized aluminum main frame and stainless steel glide plate.


Ergonomic design positions hand away from sharp ski edge. Secure clamp prevents slippage of files or stones.

Recreational Skier Bevel Recommendations

Average Recreational Skier Hard Snow Soft Snow
Base Edge Bevel
Side Edge Bevel 1° - 3° 1° - 2°
Advanced Recreational Skier
Base Edge Bevel .5° - 1°
Side Edge Bevel 2° - 3° 1° - 2°

Ski Racer Bevel Recommendations

Junior Racer Slalom GS SG & DH
Base Edge Bevel .5° - 1°
Side Edge Bevel 2° - 3° 2° - 3° 2° - 3°
World Class/Elite Racer
Base Edge Bevel .5° .5° - 75° .75° - 1°
Side Edge Bevel 3° - 4°

The angle ranges listed are variable depending on snow hardness, speed and your strength and skill level. A high level, technical skier tends to encounter hard and icy snow conditions. An increased bevel angle enables the base edge to be in immediate contact with the snow surface and side edges to penetrate deeper for better grip. A less experienced athlete may find that these extreme bevels tend to cause the ski to hook too quickly and edges to bite into the snow too much. This can cause erratic ski performance and possible knee injury.