BEAST 2 Race Performance Wax

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BEAST 2 Race Performance Wax takes the guesswork out of choosing the right wax on race day. These thermoactive waxes are blended with fluorocarbon and anti-static ingredients for great race day waxes that are effective through a wide range of snow temperatures and textures.

Made in USA


  • BEAST 2 Race Performance Lo-Fluoro Wax: This thermoactive wax is blended with a small amount of fluorocarbon and anti-static ingredients to make an all temperature race wax effective in a broad range of snow temperatures. (10°F to 32°F) 100g bar
  • BEAST 2+ Race Performance Hi-Fluoro Wax: BEAST 2+ has more fluorocarbon blended in for a great race wax choice when the conditions get a bit warmer and wetter. (14°F to 32°F) 100g or 40g bar

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