DryGuy Simple Dry Boot/Glove Dryer

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Consuming minimal power wattage, the DryGuy Simple Dry boot dryer is both economical and safe to use on all types of footwear and gloves, without fear of shrinking or stiffening.   Having no moving parts, it works in complete silence as it dries boots and shoes while you sleep, leaving you to start your day with warm comfortable feet. Unlike other convection dryers, the Simple Dry’s unique design allows you to dry gloves without the need for additional attachments.


  • Reduces odors caused by bacteria that live in perspiration
  • Helps prevent molds and fungus from forming
  • Completely Safe - Will not damage leathers, fabrics, or other materials
  • Economical- Functions on just 30 watts!
  • Extends the life of your footwear No Moving Parts - Completely Silent!
  • Model - 02136
  • Dry Time - 6-8 Hours
  • Power - 120V AC Household Outlet, 30 Watts
  • Dimensions: 9" x 23" x 10"
  • Weight - 3.5 lbs
  • Material - ABS Plastic
  • 1 Year Factory Warranty

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