BEAST Tuning Bench
BEAST Tuning Bench

BEAST Tuning Bench

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Description & Features

This is a high quality ski tuning bench that holds up to the toughest usage. Eric Holmer's (Former Ski Tech to the US Ski Team) bench has been to Chile, Europe, New Zealand, Japan and Canada multiple times and the airlines haven't been able to destroy it. That's a record the others can't touch. This folding work table can be used as travel tuning and waxing bench for the serious racer or the ski tuner who doesn't have a built-in bench at home. Constructed of heavy gauge powder coated steel with Formica covered 16" x 48" wood top insert. The Bench of the BEAST has plenty of space to clamp vises with extra room for tools and waxes. Extremely stable for serious ski tuning.

Made in USA


  • Heavy Gage Powder Coated Steel
  • 16" x 48" Formica covered Wood Top
  • Extremely Stable
  • Foldable Travel Bench