Wend HF Race Wax

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High fluoro waxes are known for achieving ultimate speed and the best performance. Considered the "Holy Grail" of race waxes, this ski wax is an essential component of any racer's wax kit. Contains minimal dye and additives, environmentally friendly, and uses a classified non-hazardous formula.

Contains high flouro to give optimal glide in high humidity snow. These waxes are a must for race day.

Temperature Ranges:

  • Warm - Wet & artificial snow (above 28°F/-2°C)
  • Mid - New, mixed & artificial snow (14° to 28°F/-10° to -2°C)
  • Cold - Colder, dryer snow (-5° to 14°F/-21° to -10°C)
  • Xtra Cold - Very cold & dry snow (below -5°F/-21°C)


  • Iron-in hot wax
  • Highly fluorinated race wax for high performance

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