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Maxilla Break Away Chin Bar (For New Spin helmets)

Unique detachable and adjustable chin guard, which can be fixed or set to beak away at varying impact levels. The Maxilla Break Away Chin Guard has been designed to minimize any potential injury to he neck or face. The innovative and simple self-adjustment system gives ski racers all the flexibility they need for training and race day. Compatible with POC Arctic SL SPIN, Skull Orbic Comp SPIN and Skull Orbic X SPIN helmets.

Maxilla Orbic SL Chin Bar (Not compatible with New Spin helmets)

The Maxilla Orbic SL bar is the favored SL bar for the Orbic Comp and Orbic-X models as it is designed to be easily adjusted up or down according to the racers preference.

Aluminum SL Chin Bar (Not compatible with New Spin helmets)

POC Aluminum Chin Guard provides protection against slalom gates. Manufactured in precision-tooled aluminum. Fits Skull Comp, Skull Orbic Comp, Skull Orbic X, Skull X and POCito Skull Helmets.

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