2024 Nordica Dobermann 5 Medium LC Ski Boot
2024 Nordica Dobermann 5 Medium LC Ski Boot
2024 Nordica Dobermann 5 Medium LC Ski Boot
2024 Nordica Dobermann 5 Medium LC Ski Boot
2024 Nordica Dobermann 5 Medium LC Ski Boot
2024 Nordica Dobermann 5 Medium LC Ski Boot

2024 Nordica Dobermann 5 Medium LC Ski Boot

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Determining Ideal Ski Boot Flex

The best method to determine the boot flex is by the athlete's weight. Adding 10-30 lbs to the boot flex results in the ideal weight range for that flex. This can vary based on an athlete's skill level and aggression. These are loose guidelines, and you should consult your local coach or ski expert for more specific recommendations.

Ski Boot Flex Chart

Racer Weight
Racer Weight
Boot Flex
50-80 23-36 65
80-100 36-45 70
100-120 45-54 90
120-150 54-68 110
130-160 60-73 120
150+ 68+ 130-140

Determining Ski Boot Mondo Point (MP) Size:

Ski boots are sized with the mondo point system, which is a direct measurement of the foot in centimeters (cm). You may use the chart below to estimate your mondo point size, or measure the length of your foot in centimeters to determine your size. (Note: There tend to be slight variances between manufacturer's sizing and we recommend that you try on a similar brand or model before ordering to best determine the right size for you.)

Mondopoint Ski Boot Size Chart

Mondopoint (cm) Europe Men's Size (USA) Women's Size (USA) Kid's Size (USA)
18.0 28.5 ---- ---- 11.5
18.5 29 ---- ---- 12
19.0 30 ---- ---- 12.5
19.5 30.5 1 ---- 13
20.0 31 1.5 ---- 13.5
20.5 32 2 ---- 1
21.0 33 2.5 ---- 2
21.5 34 3 ---- 3
22.0 35 4 5 4
22.5 36 4.5 5.5 ----
23.0 36.5 5 6 ----
23.5 37 5.5 6.5 ----
24.0 38 6 7 ----
24.5 38.5 6.5 7.5 ----
25.0 39 7 8 ----
25.5 40 7.5 8.5 ----
26.0 40.5 8 9 ----
26.5 41 8.5 9.5 ----
27.0 42 9 10 ----
27.5 42.5 9.5 10.5 ----
28.0 43 10 11 ----
28.5 44 10.5 11.5 ----
29.0 44.5 11 ---- ----
29.5 45 11.5 ---- ----

Description & Features

If you measure success by hundredths of a second or laying down the perfect turn, the Dobermann 5 M LC shares your passion. For decades, the Dobermann has dominated the World Cup circuit. And now–after being completely reimagined–it’s better than ever. Equipped with a medium flex, lower cuff, and 96 mm width, it pairs exceptional performance with all-day comfort, making it the go-to boot for lighter or shorter racers, as well as up-and-coming junior athletes. Shaped by years of research and refinement, this athlete-driven design showcases a more anatomically correct fit, delivering outstanding power and precision to boost your confidence. The Dobermann 5 M LC’s all-new shell maximizes the transmission of energy while its Racing Spine offers unrivaled support, creating a smooth forward flex that readily absorbs the terrain. And thanks to the streamlined design of the liner and shell, the boot features a reduced length that further elevates your performance. Whether you’re carving corduroy or gunning for the podium, Nordica’s Dobermann 5 M LC holds nothing back.


  • Junior Ski Racing Boot
  • 90-110 Flex Index
  • 96mm Last
  • Bi-Injected Spine
  • Adjustable Liner Tongue
  • PU Shell
  • PU Cuff
  • Dobermann 5 Race Laced Liner LC
  • New High & Low Wedges
  • 45mm Booster Strap
  • Micro Aluminum Servolock Buckles
  • ISO 5355 Standard (No Gripwalk)

Technical Info

Dobermann PU Shell

To revolutionize the Dobermann collection, Nordica started with the boot's shell. By creating the most anatomical shape possible for both the shell's interior and exterior, they were able to reduce the boots volume significantly–especially in the midfoot and heel area. This maximizes precision and response to further boost the Dobermanns performance.

Nordica carefully analyzed and then reworked the heel of the shell, reducing the overall length of the sole–regardless of the boot size–by 5mm. In addition to enhancing the stability of the shell, this reduced sole length enables a ski to flex more naturally and better reach its full potential. And by further refining the shell’s design and construction, they made the boot more responsive, allowing for quicker edge-to-edge transitions. For this fifth generation of the Dobermann collection, they also enhanced the interface between the shell and cuff, increasing the boot’s forward lean to boost control and response when transitioning between turns.


Dobermann PU Cuff

Consequently, Nordica didn’t just revolutionize the Dobermann’s shell they also reimagined its cuff. Using Tri-Force construction, they created a cuff that showcases both an incredibly strong spine and a smooth flex that can readily be customized to control the delivery of power. This amplifies support and accelerates response, allowing you to unleash your full potential. Yet they didn’t overlook aesthetics. Stemming from the complementary densities of plastics used in the shell, the red eyes–contrasted against the boot’s black shell–give a nod to the Dobermann’s namesake. Fast and fearless, this Dobermann holds nothing back.


Dobermann 5 Race Laced Liner LC

Concealed inside the revolutionary shell, this all-new liner is equally essential in amplifying the Dobermann’s legendary performance. Armed with newly patented technology, Heel Link showcases a band stitched at the back of the liner heel and connected directly to the lacing system. Securing the laces tightens the liner in all directions, anchoring your heel back into the heel pocket and perfectly cradling the contours of your foot. This design enables Nordica to use a thinner material for the liner and create a shorter overall profile for the boot, reducing its sole length by 5 mm. The liner’s thinner upper enhances sensitivity to create a more responsive boot while a slim Velcro closure ensures the upper part of the liner moves in tandem with your tibia. And thanks to the lower liner’s strategic lacing system, the boot cradles the contours of your foot without creating pressure points. To allow you to further customize the Dobermann’s fit and performance, the liner includes a spoiler with an interlocking, two-piece design. Use both spoiler components for maximum forward lean or remove the auxiliary insert to reduce it. Better than ever, the new Heel Link Liner is as fast as it is fearless.

ISO 5355 Standard Soles

Pairing convenience with exceptional performance, we developed an entirely new sole for the Dobermann 5. Thanks to this new design, it’s no longer necessary to mill the boot’s soles. With a height tailored to the ISO 5355 standard, the Dobermann soles are ready to click into your bindings straight out of the box. And to promote an intuitive, uniform approach to sizing, we’ve abandoned the traditional UK sizing system in favor of the Mondopoint standard.

  • NEW LIFTERS. 3mm - 4mm - 5mm

High & Low Wedges

They also redeveloped the Dobermann sole to perfectly match the boot’s new internal shape. Each model comes with both 23 mm and 25 mm wedges that can readily be customized by your local bootfitter.

  • NEW WEDGE (LOW - HIGH): LOW (23mm) HIGH(25mm)

Bi-Injected Spine

Especially stiff, Nordica’s Bi-Injected Spine uses two different stiffnesses of plastic to deliver unparalleled support and a smooth forward flex that absorbs the terrain.

  • The specially-designed spine makes recoveries easier.
  • Bi-injected design offers support while also providing a smooth forward flex.
  • Customizable flex allows you to control the transmission of energy to maximize response.

Infared Technology

Infrared Technology has been developed by Nordica with the aim of customizing the boots in the most sensitive point for the skiers. Once you identify the pressure points, you just need to heat the area trough the infrared lamp. In a second step, apply the suction cup to neutralize the pressure in few minutes. Lastly, remove the cup and replace the liner: it's time to jump into the boots and enjoy the ride.

  • Precise custom fit
  • Releases pressure from sensitive areas & bunions


Adjustable tongue is a velcro flap, positioned at the end of the tongue liner. This simple system enables a quick customization for the best set-up and power transmission.

  • Presonalized fit for more comfort

Micro Aluminum Servolock Buckles

Intuitively designed buckles articulate up or down, giving you improved leverage when opening and closing with greater ease.