2024 Fischer RC4 Race Bindings
2024 Fischer RC4 Race Bindings
2024 Fischer RC4 Race Bindings
2024 Fischer RC4 Race Bindings
2024 Fischer RC4 Race Bindings
2024 Fischer RC4 Race Bindings
2024 Fischer RC4 Race Bindings
2024 Fischer RC4 Race Bindings

2024 Fischer RC4 Race Bindings

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Description & Features

Fischer RC4 Race Bindings with World Cup quality and technology you have come to expect.


RC4 Z20  X RS Freeflex - FRP, FREEFLEX PRO

With premium safety, race winning response, FIS approved stand height and unhindered ski flex the RC4 Z20 Freeflex is the chosen race binding World Cup athletes. The binding’s intelligent gliding element allows constant contact between boot and binding, providing direct power transmission. Compatible with ISO 5355A boots.

RC4 Z18 Freeflex, RC4 Z17 Freeflex & RC4 Z14 X Freeflex- FRP, FREEFLEX PRO

A high-performance competition binding for elite ski racers, featuring the latest in safety and control-enhancing technology as well as the free ski flex dynamics of Freeflex Pro. Compatible with ISO 5355A boots.

RC4 Z14 Freeflex & RC4 Z11 Freeflex - ABS, FRP, FREEFLEX PRO

Construction is based on the World Cup ski binding design. The acceleration can be felt in every turn, the heel and toe units move along with the bending of the ski as they naturally flex, allowing fast skiing and quick reaction. Compatible with ISO 5355A boots.

RC4 Z9 CA Grip Walk - FRP

Competition binding for junior racers with reliability and safety features. Compatible with ISO 5355A and Grip Walk boots.

Fischer RC4 Race Binding Specs

Description Din Range Height (front/ back mm) Skier Weight (lbs)
RC4 Z20 X RD FreeFlex 10-20 12.5/16 >174
RC4 Z18 X RD FreeFlex 8-18 12.5/16 >174
RC4 Z17 FreeFlex 6-17 12.5/16 >108
RC4 Z14 X FreeFlex 7-14 12.5/16 >92
RC4 Z14 FreeFlex 4-14 12.5/16 >92
RC4 Z11 FreeFlex 3-11 12/16 >92
2-9 18/21 >57

Technical Info

ABS Binding Technology

Virtually frictionless release of the ski boot from the binding guarantees the highest possible level of safety.


    The 180° release reacts in almost all fall directions. Protects ligaments and tendons – particularly in the knee.

  • FRP

    Four rollers and glide inserts optimize flexibility and release characteristics of the binding.


    This binding heel has a release arc of 150°. Lower release pressure, particularly on forward twisting falls.


Freely-suspended heel section permits unrestricted ski flexing for optimum ski control.

Anti-Friction Slider - AFS

Weight-optimized adapter with which the new Anti-Friction Slider ensures you have the usual safety. Better stability as a result - both horizontally and vertically.