Arctica JR Patriot GS Suit
Arctica JR Patriot GS Suit
Arctica JR Patriot GS Suit
Arctica JR Patriot GS Suit
Arctica JR Patriot GS Suit
Arctica JR Patriot GS Suit
Arctica JR Patriot GS Suit

Arctica JR Patriot GS Suit

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Sizing of Race Suits

Speed suits fit by our size charts will initially be quite snug and require assistance stretching over the shoulders. However, the fabric "relaxes" after several uses to conform comfortably to your body. A new suit sized for initial comfort will stretch out and become oversized after the "break-in" period.

Race Suit Fabric

These highly elastic knit fabrics are not as abrasion resistant as woven fabrics. Contact with abrasive surfaces such as Velcro should be avoided. Prints on these fabrics are usually done on a white base and only penetrate the surface of the material. Some of the underlying white may show through areas of stretch. "Wear and Tear" is normal in stretch fabrics and may include pilling, cuts from ski/snowboard edges, and fabric burns from hitting gates at high speeds.

Description & Features

What makes the Youth Patriot GS Race Suit so outstanding is exclusive RACEFLEX fabric. RACEFLEX is a highly durable three layer stretch polyester fabric that has high elasticity, takes print incredibly well and passes the FIS required 30ml air porosity requirements. The FIS required mark is placed on the back left leg to insure it’s legality. Patterns for every size have been designed to insure the best possible fit for the widest range of athlete. Each suit is laser cut and printed individually using a special process to insure bright colors and long lasting graphics. Nine panel fully anatomic construction and elastic thread insure the best possible comfort and fit. Spring loaded zipper pulls and silicone cuff grips insure that your suit is in place and close to the body. Pads are removable to customize per racer preference. Arctica GS Speed Suits come in adult and youth sizes and are unmatched in quality, performance and value.


  • Padded junior ski racing suit
  • Exclusive RACEFLEX 3 Layer Micro Polyester Fabric
  • Carries Required FIS Mark To Insure Legality
  • Meets FIS 30ml Air Porosity Requirements
  • Anatomic 9 Panel Construction And Elastic Thread
  • Silicon Leg Grips Secure Fit
  • Spring Loaded Zipper Pulls Stay In Place
  • Removable High Impact Pads
  • Thumb Anchor Strap
  • Junior Sizing

Arctica Junior Race Suit Sizing Guide

Height (inches) 50.5-54.5 54.5-58.5 58.5-62.5
Weight (lbs) 60-75 75-90 90-105