Plane BEAST User Guide

Plane BEAST Diagram
BEAST Pocket Plane

The Plane BEAST is a sidewall planar that uses a pansar file to smoothly remove excess sidewall material before ski side edge filing. The sidewall is important for reinforcing the edge, but removing a small portion allows files and stones to get a good bite on the metal edge. This material also tends to clog ski tuning tools.

How much material should be removed?

The Plane BEAST is designed at a 7-degree bevel to remove just enough material to access the metal edge and prevent clogging up your tools. Removing too much sidewall material can damage the ski's structure and performance, so we recommend removing a small amount as needed, rather than too much at one time.

Using the Plane BEAST

Place your ski on edge with the base facing away from you in a ski tuning vise. (We recommend the Jaws of the BEAST ski tuning vise for exceptional grip and adjustability.) Pull the Plane BEAST along the ski edge in long smooth strokes. One or two full length passes on each edge will generally be sufficient. Don't be concerned if you cut into the top of the side edge a bit, as it will not affect your ski's performance. Adjusting the amount the file is exposed can help reduce this issue.

Pro Tip: Pulling side edge tools offers more control and feel than pushing.

File Replacement

Replace the file in a Plane BEAST by simply loosening the top clamp adjustment knob, swap out for a new pansar file section and retighten the knob. Ensure the cutting teeth are oriented so that they cut as you pull.

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