Jaws of the BEAST User Guide

Jaws of the BEAST
Jaws of the BEAST Mounted


The innovative Jaws of the BEAST is a unique ski tuning vise explicitly designed to address modern sidewall construction, binding plates and deep sidecuts. The 3-point design of the Jaws vise allows excellent ski retention.

Mounting the Jaws to your Work Bench

Jaws of the BEAST are attached to your workbench with the included C-clamps. Mount the Jaws vise in the middle of your workspace with the two end-supports attached equal distance on either side and with the high finger slots furthest away from the edge of the bench.

Warning: Bolting the Jaws vise to your bench voids warranty.

Using the Jaws of the BEAST

Jaws of the BEAST w Flat Ski
Jaws of the BEAST w Ski on Edge

Waxing and base work (flat ski):

The Jaws vise is designed to easily grip either the sides of the binding plate or the AFD (anti-friction device) platform instead of the sidewall. Modern sidewall design is tapered and slim preventing a good vise grip on the sidewall. Once your ski is secure in the vise, adjust the end-supports to apply upward pressure to the tip and tail.

Side Edge Tuning:

Set your ski into the vise with the base facing away from you. The tip and tail should rest in the convenient finger slots. Adjust the end-supports so that the vise grips the ski center and is elevated enough for tools to pass smoothly. Pro Tip: The ski base facing away from you allows for the pulling of side edge tools. Pulling offers more control and feel than pushing.