Base BEAST User Guide

Base BEAST Diagram
Gripping the Base BEAST

The Base BEAST (Best Edge Accuracy Ski Tools) is the original precise base edge tuning guide used with any file or polishing stone measuring 4 inches or more to create the smoothest and fastest edge possible. Base BEAST is available in 0.5°, 0.75°, 1°, 1.5° or 2° bevels.

How to grip the BEAST? (see photo above)

Set the Base BEAST on your ski base with the file or stone resting on the stainless steel elevation strip & ski edge. Insert your left thumb into the cage on top of the file with your index finger on the tab. Grip the file and Base BEAST tongue with your right thumb and index finger with your thumb applying downward pressure on the file. Ensure that the guide feet are held against the ski edge. Pro Tip: Tuning is more comfortable and accurate with your arms extended rather than close to your body.

What Bevel Angle do you need?

General recommendations are 0.5° - 1° for most skiers and 1.5° - 2° for more advanced and technical skiers. Ski manufacturer's specifications and personal preference may vary.

Checkout our Edge Tuning Guide for more information and bevel recommendations.

Setting Your Initial Bevel Angle

Darken the base edge with a felt tip marker (Sharpies work great) to use as a visual guide. Pull the file and Base BEAST toward you in long strokes until the entire edge has been exposed. Caution: Do not continue base beveling after this initial set up, as this will create an over-beveled condition.

Finish & Maintain Base Edge with Polishing

Any filing procedure leaves minor striations in the edge material and is best followed with polishing. Using diamond stones with the Base BEAST allows you to polish your edges precisely at your initial bevel to create a smooth and super-fast edge. Pro Tip: Frequently moistening the stone with a lubricant such as BEAST Juice will keep the stone clean.

What is a Variable Base Bevel and how is it accomplished?

A variable base bevel is where the ski's tip and tail are beveled at a greater degree than the mid-section, creating slower edge engagement for more relaxed skiing. First, bevel the entire edge at the angle selected for the mid-section. Next, mark the edge at your desired transition areas (typically 15-20cm at the tip and 10-15cm at the tail) with a marker. Bevel the tip and tail sections at the greater bevel angle. Repeat this process with polishing stones. Finish by blending the bevel transitions with a polishing stone in the greater bevel angle Base BEAST.

Caution: Do not use a file to sharpen base edges after your edge geometry is established, as this will over bevel your edge and create a convex base. Use polishing stones in the Base BEAST to maintain smooth edges. Sharpen by filing the side edge.