2020-2021 Race Place Catalog Cover Stories

Sebastian Kohlhofer

Sebastian Kohlhofer

Sebastian is a first-year U-19, born in 2004, from Avon, Colorado. He has been a member of the Ski and Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV) for the past seven years.

He is a highly motivated individual who excels in both ski racing and scholastics. He was an Honor Roll student in his Freshman year and the first Semester of his Sophomore year that got cut short this past March with school closures.

Sebastian has a real passion for ski racing, and it has been showing in his results. He won both the SL & GS at Rocky/Central Championships that also led to winning the Overall. He also won the Overall for 1st year U-16's at the Nationals. Several races, unfortunately, were canceled in the middle of his highly successful season.

We are proud to have Sebastian as the Race Place Cover Athlete, and he has earned the $3,000 Award./p>

Charlotte Harter

BACK COVER WINNER: Charlotte Harter

Charlotte is our 1st ever applicant from Cleveland, Ohio, in the ten years of a cover athlete contest. Her three-page letter had so much passion for ski racing that it brought tears to my eyes. In her 5th revision of her letter, she wrote about many experiences in six years on the Holiday Valley Ski Team and what meaning and joy it brings to her life!

At one race, she wrote each teammate a letter and made goodie bags. They all raced with her letter in their race suit for good luck, and some still do. "The job of a leader and friend is to always encourage and build them up, because as much as you think they don't need it, everyone does."

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard" is an inspiring mantra from her Coach. Her family is very supportive in making the 3-hour drive to the ski area each weekend so she can work hard to build her talent.

We could fill many pages in this catalog with thoughts that Charlotte expressed, but a summary is "I love the whole package, the sport, the competition, the people and places."

We totally agree and wish to make Charlotte a Race Place Back Cover Athlete along with the $1,500 award.

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