2019-2020 Race Place Catalog Cover Stories

Teegan Lowe

Teegan is from Monroe, WA and the past 3 years she commuted 350 miles to Bend, OR for her MBSEF race team. With high school behind her, she is choosing a gap year with Aspen Valley Ski Club.

As a five time entrant in our cover contest, Teegan was struggling with what we are looking for in cover athletes. A couple examples she listed are:


  • Good citizenship - Teegan has been a great example and her coaches frequently asked her to mentor younger athletes.
  • Good academics - Despite missing over half the school year because of her commuting to Bend for training and an intensive schedule for races, Teegan still maintained a 3.75 GPA.
  • Financial need - This isn't listed in our criteria, but we do like to assist families with a ski racing passion that are helping their young athlete in reaching their goals. Teegan's Mom is a high school science teacher and Dad is a firefighter. Teegan stated that their occupations are honorable, but it's difficult for them to solely support her as she travels full-time on the Nor-Am circuit.

We are proud to have Teegan as our Front Cover Athlete and also know that her family appreciates the $3,000 financial assistance.


Salt Lake is his home, but Nick was having a difficult time balancing his ski racing aspirations with classroom excellence. His Freshman year academic record sported an unacceptable 1.4 GPA!

Nick realized he needed more motivation and thought that moving to a full-time program might be what he needed. Steamboat Mountain School took on Nick as a Sophomore and informed him that to be a good racer he needed to meet academic and citizenship standards. The result was grades boosting to mostly A's and racing success also increading.to a multitude of Top-Ten results.

We feel that Nick has learned a lot about life skills through his ski racing and is making the changes for his success. Race Place is awarding Nick $1,500 of ski gear as our Back Cover athlete.

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