2018-2019 Race Place Catalog Cover Stories

Tiger Walther - Front Cover Winner

Tiger Walther–Gingold

Tiger hails from Bend, Oregon, but has headed East where she is furthering her education and ski racing aspirations at Green Mountain Valley School (GMVS) in Vermont. Tiger is a first year U-19 and is ready to step up based on her race results from the past seasons.

Not that the Pacific Northwest was responsible, but Tiger is hoping to move beyond her injuries since 2017. In chronological order it was Tibia Fracture, Concussion, Concussion, Strained Shoulder, Bruised Leg, another Concussion and Arm Laceration. That fills a good portion of a medical journal! In spite of the bad luck she was still able to race enough to lower her USSA SG and DH points to top 7 for birth year 2002. Like many other racers brought up at Mt. Bachelor, Tiger has a love for the speed events!

School is also very important to Tiger and she used her down time from injuries to hit the books. Compiling a GPA of 3.8 puts her near the top of the scholastic scoreboard and she is looking forward to continuing that achievement at GMVS.

The letter Tiger sent applying for the Cover Contest read in part, “Ski racing has taught me the importance of hard work, preparation, concentration and leading a healthy lifestyle. I have learned how to budget my time better and now realize that nothing in life comes easy. I respect my fellow athletes and realize that competition in training and at races can be constructive and fun! I am inspired by the racers who have made the Race Place cover.

Many of these athletes such as Tommy Ford, Jordan Schweitzer and Homey are idols of mine. I hope that my love and passion for ski racing will some day inspire others and allow me to grace the cover of the Race Place catalog.”

Tiger, we welcome you to the cover and the $3,000 award and wish you continued success in your new home at GMVS.

Jack Reich - Back Cover Winner


Jack is a very busy guy in his quest to become a World Cup ski racer. Two years ago he moved away from his family in Denver to attend Steamboat Springs Mountain School where here is now a boarding student when not traveling.

Here are a few of his bios from last season:

  • Colorado Ski Country’s Spencer Nelson Award
    Jack was chosen Spencer Nelson All-Star Athlete of the Year not only for athletic accomplishments, but also his leadership skills at Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club. He works exceptionally hard to help his teammates both on and off the hill, balancing daily training and a busy competition schedule with school and volunteering. Jack’s hard work has paid off with a #1 rank in Giant Slalom in his age group.
  • Longines Future Ski Champions
    The best 15 year olds from 12 countries sampled a taste of the big leagues for the Future Ski Champions race in an effort to nurture the next generation of ski champions. In a two run GS format Jack was the top American and 4th overall.
  • Rocky/Central U-16 Junior Championships
    Jack was 1st Combined, 1st SG, 1st GS, 3rd SL and 1st Overall.
  • OPA Cup Qualifier - USSA Project to determine top U-16s
    Jack was the top male athlete after after two SL and two GS.

Jack states, “Training and racing with my peers from across the country, I’m able to see what it takes to get to the next level. They push me on and off the hill to become a better skier and person. They inspire me to work harder and teach me that there is always something I can do to improve. I guess, in a way, these camps can bring your confidence down, but if you embrace the challenge, it can be the fuel to your success.”

Jack, we welcome you to the back cover and the $1,500 award. Wishing you a great future!

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