Wend Race Wax Overlays

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Wend Overlays are the final coat after hot wax is applied. Contain a high percentage of fluorocarbons that is extremely hydrophbic and well suited for high humidity conditions. Use for fast starts!

Overlay Type

  • HF Race Hot Start Cube - High level of fluorocarbon in a rub on wax overlay.
    • ULTRA High Fluoro Content
    • Rub on, brush and buff application
    • Use for a burst of speed out of the start
  • MFHF Race Hybrid Hot Start Cube - High fluoro overlay with hydrogenated Meadowfoam oil as the primary binding agent. Designed to provide optimal acceleration out of the start. Achieve more speed with less additives while transforming your base wax into a high fluoro race wax.
    • Combination of high fluorocarbon and Meadowfoam
    • Rub on, brush and buff application
    • Optimal acceleration out of the start
  • HF Race 12X Powder - Specialty pure fluorocarbon powder that can be ironed in and then brushed and polished for maximum glide on race day.
    • Pure fluorocarbon powder
    • Iron in for best performance and durability
    • Great for old snow

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