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JetStream is a 100% perfluorcarbon wax and is used as a high-tech finish. This totally synthetic wax takes water and dirt resistance to the limits of what is possible. Abrasion is reduced to a minimum. Because of its absolutely top glide performance, this is a product which belongs to the standard equipment of every ski service technician.

  • Jetstream Bloc Top Finish
    Three new formulations for extremely rapid acceleration at the start. Rub on at the start or iron in at 150_C.
  • Jetstream Powder Top Finish
    Similar to the Bloc, but usually iron in for superior lasting quality .


  • Temperature Range:
    • Blue (-22° to 10°F)
    • Red (10° to 21°F)
    • Yellow (21° to 32°F)
  • Sizes: 30g powder

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