Toko HelX Liquid Wax 2.0

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Toko HelX Liquid Spray Wax 2.0 coats the ski base perfectly without affecting the macro structure, all due to a ground-breaking new formula. Remarkably increasing acceleration, glide and long-term performance in cold conditions by allowing a water film to quickly develop and sustain in cold conditions, while squeezing excess water out in warm conditions to prevent a vacuum. This Top Finish sprays on for an optimum acceleration and a higher final speed.

Contents Under Pressure - Ground Ship Only


  • Suited for all types of snow
  • Remarkable acceleration & higher final speed
  • High abrasion resistance for improved long-term performance
  • Simple and fast to use: spray on, polish short drying time
  • Innovative spraying system can be used in all directions
  • Ranges:
    • Yellow (25° to 32° F ) 80 to 100% RH
    • Red (11° to 28° F) 40 to 80% RH
    • Blue (-22° to 18° F) 0 to 60% RH
  • Size: 50ml bottle

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