SYNC Padded Palmer Top

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Protective padded jacket to be worn under your race suit for added gate impact protection. Takes the edge off on long multi-run training days. Full front zipper and thumb holes.

Hex ISO-Armor Features:

  • Superior mobility - Hex ISO-Armor allows for the most natural athletic movement through geometric manipulation and formulations of foam that do not get stiff in cold weather.
  • Isometric Impact Distribution - Through the use of cross linked polymer foams that are strain rate sensitive, they get harder when impacted, we are able to provide outstanding impact protection by dispersing impacts over a greater surface area and not allowing them to penetrate to the athlete.



  • Hex ISO_Armor padding
  • Full front zip
  • Thumb loops for secure fit
  • 200gm heavy duty stretch fabric for a performance fit
  • Unisex Sizing

SYNC Adult Sizing

Height 57-63 64-67 68-70 70-73 73-75
Weight (Lbs.) 85-115 116-150 151-175 176-199 200-224+

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