Swix Liquid Fluoro Spray

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Cera F 100% Fluorocarbon Liquid

Quick and East to Apply!

The liquid waxes are the most economical way to take advantage of Cera F performance and offers a fast and easy solution for race ready skis. Just spray and rub in.

Contents Under Pressure - Ground ship only!


  • FC6A - Cera F COLD Rocket Spray -10°C to +2°C (14°F to 36°F):
    Liquid fluorocarbon topping for colder conditions and high humidity.
  • FC8A - Cera F WARM Rocket Spray 4°C to +4°C (25°F to 39°F):
    Liquid fluorocarbon topping for transformed and fine grained snow.
  • Size: 70ml spray bottle

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