Swix Hydrocarbon (CHX) Wax

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CH stands for Hydrocarbon. This category has no fluorocarbon material in the blends. They are 100% high performance hydrocarbon paraffins. Although they can be looked upon as an economical racing wax group, the colder waxes perform very well alone, and the warmer waxes make an acceptable base layer for Cera F.

CHX12A Combi Pack - contains 360g of CHX5, 180g of CHX6 Blue , 180g CHX7 Violet and 180g CHX8 Red all in one 900g package.


  • CHX4 Green (-25°F to 10°F)
    A new cold hydrocarbon wax for extreme cold conditions, which can be perfectly used as a race wax when the humidity is low. Great durability.
  • CHX5 Aqua (7°F to 18°F)
    The 5 series is brand new for the Cera Nova X line and fulfills a hardness gap. Softer and easier to work with without sacrificing good glide properties in cold conditions.
  • CHX6 Blue (14°F to 23°F)
    Very versatile wax that works as an economical training wax as well as a base prep wax for cold skis. Great performance in most snow conditions including artificial and glacier snow.
  • CHX7 Purple (18°F to 28°F)
    A versatile wax suited for normal winter conditions below the freezing point. An economical training wax and all round base prep wax.
  • CHX8 Red (25°F to 39°F)
    The legendary 8 series that has contributed to numerous Olympic and World Cup wins. Easy to melt and very convenient to work with making it an economical training wax and base prep for warm skis. Can be used as a race wax base with Cera F overlay.
  • CHX10 Yellow (32°F to 50°F)
    A more durable warm weather wax that is slightly harder than it's predecessor. Good base prep and training wax. Recommend hi-fluoro wax for a race wax in this temperature range.
  • Sizes: 60g bar, 180g bar or 900g box

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