Swix Hi-Fluoro Black Wolf X Wax

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HFBWX (Black Wolf) is a result of years of intensive research to improve glide and has seen excellent results in the World Cup. The Black Wolf series contains solid lubricants as additives which give advantages in course grained snow, dirty snow, man-made snow and conditions with high levels of dry friction (very cold temps). The BW additive has a considerable lower coefficient of friction compared with previous additives with excellent results.


  • HFBWX4 Green (-25°F to 10°F)
    A special new wax for extreme cold conditions with BW solid lubricant that reduces dry friction.
  • HFBWX5 Aqua (7°F to 18°F)
    A slightly softer and lower melting point compared with the 4 series, makes this wax easier to work with. The BW additive reduces friction in very cold and dry friction conditions.
  • HFBWX6 Blue (14°F to 23°F)
  • HFBWX7 Purple (18°F to 28°F)
    New improved recipe makes this a versatile wax suited for normal winter conditions below the freezing point.
  • HFBWX8 Red (25°F to 39°F)
    The legendary 8 series that has contributed to numerous Olympic and World Cup wins. It's softness, high fluoro content and BW additive makes it perfect for conditions on both sides of the freezing point.
  • HFBWX10 Yellow (32°F to 50°F)
    Slightly harder than it's predecessor making this wax more durable and resistant to dirt. The BW additive reduces friction caused by contaminated snow.
  • Sizes: 40g and 180g bars