Swix Cera F Overlay Powder

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Swix Cera F reigns as the glide wax of choice when there can be no compromise in performance. Exclusively formulated for all high quality skis. The fastest gliding for the longest duration due to the resistance of contamination from dirt/pollution in the snow.

Characteristics of Swix Cera F Powders:

  • Very high degree of purity
  • Very low surface tension
  • Friction reducing lubrication
  • Exceptional water repellency
  • High resistance to dirt and oils
  • Chemical inertness and stability
  • Thermal stability


  • FCX4 Green (-4°F to 14°F)
    A cold powder that works great in all snow conditions and perfect to minimize dry friction.
  • FCX5 Aqua (5°F to 27°F)
    An absolute winner in cold conditions with the best results in transformed and old snow. Easy to apply with a lower melting point.
  • FCX6 Blue (14°F to 30°F)
    A powder for new and fine grained snow.
  • FCX7 Violet (18°F to 28°F)
    A powder developed for normal winter conditions from around the freezing point and colder.
  • FCX8 Red (25°F to 39°F)
    Classic Cera F powder which performs extremely well in all snow conditions on both sides of the freezing point.
  • FCX10 Yellow (32°F to 59°F)
    A strong performer in wet condition at the freezing point and above. A favorite during the spring with melting or falling wet snow.
  • FCX78 Super Cera (14°F to 34°F)
    Used often on the World Cup due to it's durability in man-made snow. High melting point requiring a quality waxing iron for good results.
  • Size: 30g bottle

Application of Cera F Powder by Ironing

  • Base Pre-Treatment
    Before Cera F is applied, the base is treated with a wax matching the day's conditions, scraped and brushed thoroughly.
  • Apply Cera F
    Distribute the Cera F powder evenly on the base. Apply enough powder to protect the base from direct contact with the iron.
  • Iron In
    Iron the powder into the base with one pass taking about 5 - 6 seconds.
  • Brush
    After cooling to room temperature, brush the powder up from the base with a stiff nylon brush (about 10 strokes). Continue with a horsehair brush (about 10 more strokes).
  • Finish
    Finish with a fine nylon brush (about 3 - 4 strokes).

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