Slytech Shield Shin Guards

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SLYTECH SHIELD is a new engineered material for shin guards that is made with the most advanced techno-polymers making it extremely stable and durable while simultaneously promoting maximum glide during contact with gates from the coldest nights to the warmest days.


  • Plastic ski racing shin guards
  • Anatomic shape
  • Ready-on straps
  • High-density SLYGRIP foam padding
  • Multi-impact technology
  • Sizes:
    • S 12.25"
    • STD 15"
    • XTD 16.5

Fitting of Shin Guards

Put on your ski boots and measure from the top of the knee cap down to where you desire the shin guard to end. Personal preference dictates the bottom point. Some racers wish to have the shin end just above the boot top as they feel the shin guard can catch on the buckles when flexing forward. Others prefer to have the shin cover the top two buckles for protection from gate hits.

Multi-DN Impact Technology

3 to 4 ribs are designed into the surface of the guard to increases the stiffness of the shell. Minimizes energy absorption on impact and reduces the drag of the gate on the guard by limiting the contact surface area.

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