Slytech Shield Carbon Arm Guards

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SLYTECH SHIELD CARBON adds aerospace technology to the high performance of the SLYTECH SHIELD arm guard material. Carbon fiber technology, combined with years of technical experience, has allowed the creation of a high performance ski racing arm guard that offers considerable racing advantages whereby impact with gates does not result in energy transfer to the athlete. The new production process ensures much greater durability and making it possible to obtain an extraordinarily durable yet lightweight shell. These new ski racing arm guards are designed with a more dynamic wrap around the arm for enhanced elbow protection and even lower friction coefficients in contact with gates.


  • Carbon fiber arm guard
  • Anatomic shape
  • Ready-on straps
  • High-density SLYGRIP foam padding
  • Multi-impact technology
  • Color: Carbon
Arm Guard Fitting

Multi-DN Impact Technology

Increases the stiffness of the shell which maximizes the speed of passage over the race pole drastically, reducing the friction during impact between athlete and pole.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is an aerospace material that is used when performance is the driver. It has the highest strength-to-weight ratio and the highest rigidity, so there is absolutely no impact perception when hitting a gate. Athletes acquire a greater skiing safety and confidence, thus improving technique and performance.


Shell lining is made with Ariaprene, which is a revolutionary alternate to synthetic rubber. It is non-toxic, easily decomposable, readily recyclable and actually outperforms the less eco-freindly alternatives. Offers optimal comfort and superior grip even at extremely low temperatures.

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