Slytech MultiPro XT Shorts

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SLYTECH 2ND SKiN SHORTS MULTIPRO XT mean maximum protection for your upper legs and coccyx with very low profile shock absorbing pads. With the key components made of SLYTECH 2ND SKiN XT foam technology, proven to be more protective than traditional body armor padding, this armor-free shorts allow for total freedom of movement while providing superior protection where the wearer needs it most. Finally, a slim and unnoticeable armor-free short for all action sports enthusiasts.


  • Slytech 2nd Skin
  • Progressive impact intelligence
  • Low profile protection from gates
  • Color: Black
  • Sizes: XS-XL

2nd Skin XT Technology

The material used in this one-of-a-kind body protection line constitutes a dramatic shift over traditional products. The SLYTECH 2ND SKiN XT shock absorbing system is more durable, more flexible (especially at lower temperatures), and protects you a full 80% better over traditional hard protectors and 20% better over traditional soft protectors. And it does all that with a dramatic increase in comfort. In our lab adn filed test, our magic EVA based copolymer exhibited much higher stability, toughness and durability at low temperatures, and more resistance to UV radiation than any competing protector, including traditional Polyurethane foam based soft protectors. The extraordinary properties of the extra tough copolymer are due to its polygonal closed cell structure that provides improved shock absorption and water proofing. Wear it, abuse it and then throw it in the wash. No problem.

With SLYTECH 2ND SKiN XT, different intelligent reactions apply just the right protection for every circumstance while keeping you warm, comfortable created a much smarter material: a polygonal closed cell foam for more protection, more comfort, more durability, no matter what.

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