Slytech Assault Arm Guards

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The Slytech Assault is a tough, durable and lightweight ski arm guard. Made of an advanced material, Zytel by DupontŒ¬ that allows this shin guard to be cost effective without compromising performance.


  • Zytel plastic ski racing shin guards
  • Anatomic shape
  • Ready-on straps
  • High-density SLYGRIP foam padding
  • Multi-impact technology
  • Color: Blue
  • Sizes:
    STD 10"
    XTD 11.5"

Multi-DN Impact Technology

Increases the stiffness of the shell which maximizes the speed of passage over the race pole drastically, reducing the friction during impact between athlete and pole.

Zytel Plastic Technology

An advanced technopolymer by DupontŒ¬ that is extremely stiff and durable and performs extremely well in a very broad range of temperatures. A cost effective material that does not compromise on performance.


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