Shred Nastify (Soaza) Spare Lens

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Get a replacement lens for your Shred Nastify or Soaza Goggles. Cylindrical lenses that are a cost effective solution for those ski racers who like to change lenses frequently.


  • Cylindrical single and double lenses
  • 100% UVA-UVB-UVC protection
  • MATERIAL - Polycarbonate, Acetate
  • ANTI FOG - Shred's inside lens features a porous cellulose providing superior water shedding and a special anti fog treatment for extremely long lasting clarity. Full perimeter venting promotes maximum airflow to keep your vision clear in all conditions.

Shred Goggle Lens Guide

Description Lens Type Weather Category % VLT Recommended Usage
Clear Single CAT 0 90% Totally clear lens for evenings or low light conditions.
Blue Single CAT 1 62% Single lens with blue base for overcast conditions.
Rose Single CAT 1 56% High contrast enhancing single lens.
Brown Single CAT 2 26% Brown base lens for partly cloudy to sunny conditions.
Dark Orange Single CAT 2 21% Boosting depth perception for flat light to medium conditions.
Clear Double CAT 0 81% Totally clear lens for evenings or low light conditions.
Fume Smoke Double CAT 3 15% Dark tint lens for sunny conditions.
Brown Double CAT 3 14% Brown base lens for sunny conditions.
Platinum Reflect - Caramel
Brown/Silver Mirror
Double CAT 2 23% Brown base lens with a silver mirror for increased glare protection.
Platinum Reflect - Bronze
Bronze/Silver Mirror
Double CAT 3 12% Dark brown base lens with a silver mirror for increased glare protection.

Lens Categories

Category Tint Conditions
0 None or Very Light Tint Very low light or night skiing
1 Light Tint Low light or overcast days
2 Medium Tint Effective in average sunlight conditions
3 Dark Tint Perfect for most skiing conditions and provide excellent protection from the sun
4 Very Dark Tint Only necessary in extremely bright conditions, like hiking glaciers or high altitudes

VLT - Visible Light Transmission

VLT is a measurement that specifies the percentage of light coming through the lens and reaching your eyes. A totally clear lens for dark conditions typically have around 90% VLT and a very dark colored lens with mirror for sunny conditions may have down to 10% VLT. Most all round lenses will be found between 30 to 60%.

Anti-Fog Treatment

The double lens technology used in most SHRED Optics goggles creates a thermal barrier that keeps the inner lens warm and dry. A special hydrophilic treatment on the inner lens allows the surface to absorb moisture before fog can form.

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