Shred Monocle Spare Lens
Shred Monocle Spare Lens
Shred Monocle Spare Lens
Shred Monocle Spare Lens
Shred Monocle Spare Lens
Shred Monocle Spare Lens

Shred Monocle Spare Lens

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Get a replacement lens for your SHRED Monocle Ski Goggles. Cylindrical Double Lens for a great lens that won't break the bank.

Shred Goggle Lens Guide

Description Lens Type Weather Category % VLT Recommended Usage
Clear Double n CAT 0 81% Totally clear lens for evenings or low light conditions.
Yellow Double Cloudy-Icon CAT 1 67% Yellow lens for greater clarity in fog and low-light conditions.
Caramel Double Cloudy-Icon CAT 1 53% Light brown base lens for partly sunny conditions.
Frozen Reflect -
Caramel/Blue Multilayer
Double Partly-Cloudy-Icon CAT 1 48% Light brown and blue multilayer lens for contrast enhancement.
Platinum Reflect -
Caramel/Silver Mirror
Double Sunny-Icon CAT 3 16% Light brown base lens with a silver mirror for increased glare protection.

Lens Categories

Category Tint Conditions
0 None or Very Light Tint Very low light or night skiing
1 Light Tint Low light or overcast days
2 Medium Tint Effective in average sunlight conditions
3 Dark Tint Perfect for most skiing conditions and provide excellent protection from the sun
4 Very Dark Tint Only necessary in extremely bright conditions, like hiking glaciers or high altitudes

VLT - Visible Light Transmission

VLT is a measurement that specifies the percentage of light coming through the lens and reaching your eyes. A totally clear lens for dark conditions typically have around 90% VLT and a very dark colored lens with mirror for sunny conditions may have down to 10% VLT. Most all round lenses will be found between 30 to 60%.

Anti-Fog Treatment

The wall against fogging by SHRED Optics is composed by the double lens technology, which creates a thermal barrier that keeps the inner lens warm and dry, and a special hydrophilic treatment on the inner lens, which allows the surface to absorb moisture before fog can form.