Closeout Shred Half Brain Bucket Helmet

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The HALF BRAIN with ICEdot technology is a everything you need and nothing you don't in an all mountain helmet. Designed with Shred's progressive edgy style, it features the SHREDVent system, that keeps your head cool and allows optimal ventilation of the goggle-helmet system, reducing fog and moisture buildup. The new SHREDWheel means perfect fit at a glance.

The HALF BRAIN D-Lux is upgraded with SLYTECH 2ND SKiN Inside. The shape and style is 100% athlete and rider inspired and tested, and with the Slytech overhaul by engineers it's become even more comfortable and safe. It also features ICEdot technology, our SHREDVent system and the new SHREDWheel. Both versions meet and exceed CE EN1077 and ASTMF2040 for the highest safety standards and are Compatible with Shred Half Brain Slalom Guards.

Special Handling and Shipping:
To Mainland US - 2nd & Next Day Rates have a $10 Oversize Charge.
To Canada or Alaska - Ground Only + $10 Oversize Charge. (Expedited Rate by Quote.)


  • SHREDVent System
  • SHREDry inner lining
  • SHRED Fitting Wheel
  • Foldable vent cap
  • Removable padding for a precise fit
  • Audio Compatible
  • Interchangeable goggle buckle
  • Meets US and European Certification Standards for Safety
  • Colors: Skyscraper Blue, Clarity Black or SQ Air Lilac
  • Customizable Sizes: S(52-56) or M/L(57-61)

Selecting your proper helmet size:

Measure your head circumference one inch above the eyebrows around to the largest point on the back of your head. Round up to the larger size when your measurement is between two sizes.

Head Measurement

Helmet Size Guide

Head Circumference (inches) Helmet Size (cm)
20 51
20 1/4 52
20 7/8 53
21 1/4 54
21 5/8 55
22 56
22 3/8 57
22 3/4 58
23 1/4 59
23 5/8 60
24 3/8 61

Slytech 2nd Skin Inside

This helmet features Slytech's latest impact protection innovation, Slytech 2nd Skin XT Foam Technology. A layer of this foam is added to provide a progressive shock absorber that intelligently adapts to the different forces and speeds of a crash. The shock absorption increases proportionally to the strength of the impact to protect completely. It also recovers naturally to keep protecting you over several impacts.

SHREDVent System

SHREDVent uses a system of helmet vents to keep your head cool and pull warm and moist air out the goggles and exhaust it out of the helmet to prevent fogging.


A breathable, temperature controlling, anti-odor and anti-static inner lining so you will stay dry, comfortable and warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

SHRED Fitting Wheel

The SHRED Wheel makes it easy to dial in a custom fit in seconds, even with gloves on. An ergo-friendly dial at the base of the helmet provides up to 6cm of adjustment and enhanced stability.

Foldable Vent Cap

The liner is folded over the vents to stop the flow of air during cold days, but can easily be folded back in for best ventilation.


All SHRED helmets exclusively incorporate the ICEdot identifier technology. ICEdot Identifiers work hand-in-hand with the ICEdot service to identify the athlete to first responders and notify his/her loved ones in case of emergency. The ICEdot x Shred membership PIN is printed on the helmet, linking to a personal ICEdot x Shred online account with the athlete's identification, medical info and emergency contacts. This info can be accessed by any first responder with a cell phone. That might be a fellow boarder, skier or a trained paramedic, you never know.

EN1077B Certified

This helmet meets and exceeds EN 1077B, a European Standard for Helmets for Alpine Skiers and Snowboarders. Certified EN 1077B helmets pass severe shock absorbing and penetration tests, retention system performance, field of vision and durability. These tests are performed at low, high and room temperature, and also after artificial aging. This certificate standard allows soft ear pads, for maximum comfort versus the EN 1077A standard that have the plastic shell covering all the way down to the ears, for maximum safety at high speed.

ASTM F2040 Certified

This helmet meets and exceeds ASTM F2040, the American National Standard for Helmets Used for Recreational Snow Sports. Certified ASTM F2040 helmets pass very severe dynamic strength retention, roll-off (for positional stability), and impact tests with three different anvils. At low, high, and room temperature.

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