Holmenkol Syntec Race Powder

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Highly fluorinated synthetic ski wax powder overlay made to exacting standards and tested across the globe under every snow and weather condition. The result, highly trusted waxes that are the choice of World Cup winners!

New World Cup success wax with previously unknown acceleration, speed and abrasion resistance. Applied with a wax iron over the top of your prep wax and brushed out. Can also be applied with a cork as a last minute adjustment on the hill.


  • WET
    • For damp to wet snow
    • Snow Temp: 0° to -6° C (32° to 21° F)
    • Ironing Temp: 150° to 160° C (302° to 320° F)
  • MID
    • For moderate snow conditions
    • Snow Temp: -4° to -12° C (25° to 10° F)
    • Ironing Temp: 150° to 160° C (302° to 320° F)
  • COLD
    • For cold dry snow
    • Snow Temp: -12° to -20° C (10° to -4° F)
    • Ironing Temp: 160° to 170° C (302° to 338° F)

Application of Race Powder by Ironing

  • Base Pre-Treatment
    Before Race Powder is applied, the base is treated with a wax matching the day's conditions, scraped and brushed thoroughly.
  • Apply Race Powder
    Distribute the powder evenly on the base. Apply enough to protect the base from direct contact with the iron.
  • Iron In
    Iron the powder into the base with one pass taking about 5 - 6 seconds.
  • Brush
    After cooling to room temperature, brush the powder up from the base with a stiff nylon brush (about 10 strokes). Continue with a horsehair brush (about 10 more strokes).
  • Finish
    Finish with a fine nylon brush (about 3 - 4 strokes).

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