Closeout Swix Ski Wax Iron

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Swix T-73 Performance Iron: 8 mm plate gives a stable temperature. The T73 has manual choice of temperature by indication of degrees and is simply done by an adjustment-wheel. Adjustment range from 100°C to 165°C. 500 Watt. 500 Watt, 110 Volt.

Ski Wax Iron Features vs Household Types

Many hot irons look alike and all give out heat, but there are many critical differences.

Ski wax irons features:

  • A thicker heat plate for heat retention
  • More heating elements for a more consistent temperature
  • Precision thermostats for holding to wax type specific ranges

Household irons don't retain heat well and quickly cool when in contact with a ski base that is at room temperature (not to mention getting wax stuck in those steam holes). They eventually heat up again, but will continue to have heat pulled out of them until the ski base sufficiently warms. The household type iron temperature will fluctuate widely in this heating and cooling cycle. People tend to turn up the heat in response to this fluctuation and run the danger of burning or otherwise damaging ski bases.

A proper ski wax iron is a relatively small investment when waxing those prize boards!

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