Closeout POC Arctic SL 360 MIPS Helmet
Closeout POC Arctic SL 360 MIPS Helmet
Closeout POC Arctic SL 360 MIPS Helmet
Closeout POC Arctic SL 360 MIPS Helmet

Closeout POC Arctic SL 360 MIPS Helmet

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Selecting your proper helmet size:

Measure your head circumference one inch above the eyebrows around to the largest point on the back of your head. Round up to the larger size when your measurement is between two sizes.

Head Measurement

Helmet Size Guide

Head Circumference (inches) Helmet Size (cm)
20 51
20 1/4 52
20 7/8 53
21 1/4 54
21 5/8 55
22 56
22 3/8 57
22 3/4 58
23 1/4 59
23 5/8 60
24 3/8 61

Helmet Fit Check:

  • Your helmet should fit snugly and square on your head. Make sure that it is not tilted too far back or forward on your head.
  • Cheek pads touch, but do not press uncomfortably.
  • Make sure there are no gaps around your temples, brow or back of the neck
  • With the straps securely fastened, shake your head slightly from side to side and back and forth. If it moves or feels loose, then it is too big. (Also remember that the comfort liner will compress a little with use, so a new helmet should fit as tight as you can comfortably wear.)
  • Again with the straps fastened, try to roll the helmet forward off your head. If you can get it off, it is too big.
  • Feel for any pressure spots. Check for any soreness or red spots after you remove the helmet. If you find any, try the next size up or a different model. All brands fit a little different, so try on multiple styles for the best fit. 

Description & Features

The Artic SL 360° Mips, the classic slalom helmet, is updated and fine-tuned for optimized protection on the race course. Now includes Mips for enhanced rotational impact protection and features a 360° fit system for a more secure fit. The helmet's inner mold has been fine-tuned for a more secure and comfortable fit, making it easier to focus on going as fast as possible.

This slalom helmet features numerous POC protective technologies, including VPD 2.0 inserts at the back of the helmet to enhance protection from repeat impacts. A multi-impact EPP liner extends protection, while a tough and resilient ABS shell enhances durability. Ventilation is fully adjustable, and the helmet comes complete with the Maxilla Breakaway chin bar and a new Fidlock buckle that is easy to operate with gloves on.


  • Slalom Ski Racing Helmet
  • Mips rotational impact protection - MIPS Integra
  • 360° fit system with turn wheel adjustment
  • VPD Inserts
  • Multi-Impact EPP Liner
  • Durable ABS Shell
  • Adjustable Ventilation
  • "Fidlock® Buckle
  • Goggle Clip
  • Comes with the detachable Maxilla Breakaway chin bar
  • Does NOT conform to FIS for GS, SG or DH (soft ear padding only allowed in SL)

Technical Info


The latest technology from brain protection specialists, Mips enhances rotational impact protection.

360° Fit System

A 360° adjustment system makes it easy to find a comfortable, secure fit without changing padding.


An EPP helmet liner gives multi-impact protection.

Dual-Material Shell

A shell of injected PC/ABS balances strength and durability.

VPD inserts

A layer of VPD between the helmet shell and liner absorbs impact forces from hitting the gates, keeping the liner in optimum condition for protecting your head in a fall.

Fidlock® Buckle

A Fidlock® buckle makes it easy to fasten the helmet while wearing gloves.