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2016 Briko Sniper OTG Goggles

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The Sniper is a very affordable spherical Over-The-Glasses (OTG) ski goggle with triple foam, claws and silicone lines on the strap. If you want the best value goggle to see in low/flat light then you have found it in this goggle with the Thrama Red 600 DL and you'll enjoy skiing all day.


  • Over the glasses ski racing goggle
  • Triple Face Foam
  • Nylon lens for extreme clarity
  • Anti-Fog treatment
  • Helmet gripping silicone strap


Nylon is an exceptional material for lenses. It allows for thinner, more flexible lenses that have the sharpest image clarity. Racers particularly like nylon lenses due to their extreme clarity at any speed.


The molded face foam is made with 3 different densities of foam that is developed for skiers looking for maximum performance even in the most extreme conditions.

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