Briko Odissey Spare Lens

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Get replacement lenses for your Briko Odissey Ski Goggles.



The ThramaŒ¬ system is based on the fundamental concept of transmittance, that is on light selection filtering techniques aimed at drastically reducing visual äóìnoiseäó (diffused light) and intensifying the äóìsignaläó in order to optimize visual information. The ThramaŒ¬ system can filter the first three primary colors in the visible light spectrum (blue äóñgreen-red, wave-length of 400 to 700 mm) in different percentages, thus increasing the chromatic contrast and optimizing the image perception in the fundamental visual receptors present in the central retina. Furthermore, it ensures total protection from UV rays thanks to special additives that can neutralize UVA and UVB rays up to the threshold of visibility (400 mm).


Surface treatment that prevents the lenses from misting up, thus preventing visibility problems in critical conditions.


Plating of metallic particles on the surface of the lens that softens excess light.

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