Booster Strap

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The Amazing BOOSTER STRAP is worn by Olympians Ted Ligety and Bode Miller. Tough, firm elastic replaces the standard velcro power strap on ski boots creating a perfect bond with the skier's leg at the boot top for exceptional control, instant initiations, crisp finishes and more fun and better performance on and off the race course. Also alleviates shin bang. Not just for racers, four models for all ability/weight skiers.


Four models, depending on your weight, ability and boot size:

  • Kids w/2 elastic layers (up to 150 lbs. and boots under size 5)
  • Standard/Intermediate w/2 elastic layers (150 lbs.+)
  • Expert/Racer Booster w/3 elastic layers (150 lbs.+)
  • World Cup Booster w/3 elastic layers (180 lbs.+)

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