POC Skull Dura X SPIN FIS Helmet
POC Skull Dura X SPIN FIS Helmet
POC Skull Dura X SPIN FIS Helmet
POC Skull Dura X SPIN FIS Helmet
POC Skull Dura X SPIN FIS Helmet
POC Skull Dura X SPIN FIS Helmet
POC Skull Dura X SPIN FIS Helmet

POC Skull Dura X SPIN FIS Helmet

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Conform to FIS Label

Helmet regulation (2014/15), that requires "Conforms to FIS" label is applicable at all levels without exception for GS, SG and DH. All helmets that meet this regulation in our store are labeled "FIS" for your convenience. Download the current SPECIFICATIONS FOR ALPINE COMPETITION EQUIPMENT and the USSA Helmet Rule for full details.

Selecting your proper helmet size:

Measure your head circumference one inch above the eyebrows around to the largest point on the back of your head. Round up to the larger size when your measurement is between two sizes.

Head Measurement

Helmet Size Guide

Head Circumference (inches) Helmet Size (cm)
20 51
20 1/4 52
20 7/8 53
21 1/4 54
21 5/8 55
22 56
22 3/8 57
22 3/4 58
23 1/4 59
23 5/8 60
24 3/8 61

Helmet Fit Check:

  • Your helmet should fit snugly and square on your head. Make sure that it is not tilted too far back or forward on your head.
  • Cheek pads touch, but do not press uncomfortably.
  • Make sure there are no gaps around your temples, brow or back of the neck
  • With the straps securely fastened, shake your head slightly from side to side and back and forth. If it moves or feels loose, then it is too big. (Also remember that the comfort liner will compress a little with use, so a new helmet should fit as tight as you can comfortably wear.)
  • Again with the straps fastened, try to roll the helmet forward off your head. If you can get it off, it is too big.
  • Feel for any pressure spots. Check for any soreness or red spots after you remove the helmet. If you find any, try the next size up or a different model. All brands fit a little different, so try on multiple styles for the best fit. 

Description & Features

The Skull Dura X SPIN Helmet introduces Race Lock, an innovative new system that lets racers lock the helmet tightly to their head to prevent helmet shake at very high speeds. The turn wheel adjuster sits in line with the helmet shell and does not interfere with a race position. A Fidlock buckle on the chin strap can easily be operated with gloves on and gives a secure fit. A multi-impact EPP liner features ear pads that can be removed in an emergency, making it easier for medics to remove the helmet safely if an injury is sustained. FIS RH 2013 certified.


  • Giant Slalom, Super G and Downhill race helmet meeting FIS RH 2013 standards
  • Race Lock adjustable fit technology
  • Multi-impact EPP liner
  • Durable ABS/PC outer shell
  • Removable ear pads
  • Fidlock buckle
  • Compatible with the POC Maxilla Breakaway chin guard (sold separately)
  • SPIN (Shearing Pad INside)
  • Fixed goggle clip

Technical Info


Rotational impact protection is necessary to counter the forces involved in oblique impacts, which are a common cause of head injury. SPIN pads are integrated inside a helmet and add an extra layer of rotational impact protection by shearing in any direction, allowing the head to move relative to the helmet, reducing the force transmitted to the brain.


Through examining helmets used by World Cup alpine racers, POC identified that they were worn out in the front caused by repeated impacts from the gates. The violence was more severe than we had ever imagined and the discovery led us to developing the Multi-Impact Deflector Panels, featured in the new line of Skull Orbic helmets.

Deflector panels decrease the transmitted force of the impact, and increase the shock absorbing capacity of the helmets. This ensures that the helmet performance remains at the highest level when it's really needed: in a real crash.

Expanded Polyproylene (EPP) has the ability to withstand multiple-impacts with a very limited loss of performance making it well suited for protection against repetitive gate hits.